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August 09, 2021 2 min read

dog bed

Dogs are typically needier and in search of your attention than cats, making them more prone to separation anxiety, but your cat might have a similar reaction if you return to the office and spend less time at home. 

No matter your scenario at home, separation can wreak havoc on you and your pet, but it can be avoidable if you plan. What you’ll need to avoid pet separation anxiety Create a new routine.

scared dog

If you have a dog that is scared of loud noises like lightening and thundering, storm, firecrackers, construction, beeping and banging, mowing or even just raining drops, you might need to see this.

According to veterinarian, the best way to deal with separation anxiety is to get your pet to change its perception of what being home alone means permanently. Help to create a new routine and try to get them slowly used to you being away longer. 

1.Set clear boundaries

dog fence

You don’t want to upend your pet’s life completely. First, prepare your home. A tall gate with a door is a simple way to make sure your pets don’t run amok when you’re away. 

2. Keep them occupied 

You want to make sure your pets have the same food and plenty of either dog toys or cat toys to keep them busy when left alone. If your pet still has trouble adjusting, there are plenty of products out there to help ease what might be an otherwise difficult transition. 

3. Make sure they feel secure and safe when they are alone.

calming bed for dog

a. The best anti-anxiety pet bed

Offer your pet ultimate comfort, calmness and help reduce their anxiety with this luxury bed. It has orthopedic support and a layer of insulation that will radiate its own warmth. The soft shag keeps your fur-baby warm and cozy, and the round shape is ideal for burrowing and snuggling, so it will feel just like they are sleeping with you.

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b. Dogness Smart Cam Treater

Just because you’re not home doesn’t mean that your dog isn’t being a good boy and shouldn’t get his daily dose of treats. This fun treat dispenser allows you to play, communicate and give your pet treats no matter how far from home you may be. Being able to contact and share with your pet when you’re away is a great way to reduce anxiety.

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c. PetSafe Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain

Animals love freshwater, and cats especially love free-flowing water from a fountain, so why not give them that whenever they choose with this pet fountain? When you’re away from home, animals may be less likely to eat and drink, so giving them fresh water with a customizable flow and a replaceable carbon water filter can put you both at ease.

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