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About our shelter

1. How can I see the dogs at your shelter?
You are welcomed to visit our shelter to find the dog you want to adopt, please contact Jill to make an appointment for the visit. It's more convenient to us to make your visit on Saturday. During your appointment visit, a staff member of volunteer will assist you and you will be able to view all animals that are “Ready to Go Home” that day. This means they are spayed or neutered and vaccinated.

To potential adopters outside of China, as international pet transportation is rather complicate here in China, it requires a lot of paperwork and procedures, we do not have that much time and money with those work. So if you want to adopt a dog from outside of China, you might either have your friend in China to help you, or you can come and visit our shelter in person, our volunteer will guide you on the day you come.

2. Are you a No-kill shelter ?
Yes, we can accept all incoming stray dogs, but we do ask that surrenders are made by appointment to ensure we are prepared to care for each dog. We do have to euthanize some dogs but only for reasons pertaining to health or temperament. Our adoption rate is well-above the national average.

3. How long do you keep the dogs ?
We do not impose a time limit on a dog's stay and strive to find new ways to treat animals with medical or behavior problems, we hold healthy, adoptable animals until we find them homes. Actually, above 85% of the stray dogs we rescued would end up live the rest of their life in our shelter as no many people in China like to adopt a adult stray dog with no "pure breed".

4. Do you accpet donations of opened food?
We do accept food donation but we have our requirement to the brand and type, for opened food, sorry NO, all of our shelter dogs are on a strict diet so that we can better monitor any health problems. We do not accept opened food. 

5. Is my donation secure?
Yes, we use industry-standard SSL technology to keep your information secure. We partner with Stripe, the industry's established payment processor trusted by some of the world's largest companies. Your sensitive financial information never touches our servers. We send all data directly to Stripe's PCI-compliant servers through SSL.

6. Can I cancel my recurring donation?
Of course. You can cancel it any time by clicking the link in your donation receipt and following the instructions provided.

About Print on demand products.

1. Do you ship your shirts worldwide?
Yes, for all Print-on-demand products, we work with Printify which is the largest POD supplier across the world. Your order placed here on our site will be directly sent to Printify's manufacturer in the U.S. which takes only 1.5 business day to produce.

2. How long are shipping times?
According to Printify, it takes only 3-5 business days to ship to United States, Canada as well as UK, Your tracking number will be updated 24 hours after your order has been shipped, you can check  for more.

3. What's your return policy?
Printify is a print-on-demand company, which means that all products are unique and produced only once ordered. This also means that returns and exchanges are not supported if you ordered the wrong size, color, or simply changed their mind. However, in case of a damaged product or a manufacturing error, Printify offers a free replacement or a refund if you contact them within 30 days of product delivery.

Please get in touch with our team using the “Submit issue” form and provide a clear photo showing the issue. We use secure payment methods including Paypal checkouts since is one of the safest payment gateways available today. Your are protected against fraud and your information cannot be stored in our servers.

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