About Us

Hello, my name is Tom, a parent of 3 dogs (one corgi, one collie and one border collie lab mix) and 1 American shorthair cat. All my pets are either rescued or adopted. One morning in 2021, when I was waiting a bus at a bus stop, I saw a man put a box with 3 puppies at the stop and left without telling anybody when he is gonna come back for them. That box is about 3 meters from me, with all those cute faces and barks, I believed I was needed to do something for them. Then I took these puppies back home and started to look for new homes for them from my wechat friends (Like facebook in China).

Luckily, 3 puppies found their new home shortly, but as more people know that I found home for puppies, more people came to ask me if I can help those stray dog in their communities. This, is how we started out our journey with Pawft.

In Guangzhou, local stray administration will catch stray dogs and put them in a temprorary shelter for 12 days, if there is no one claim ownership of the dog in 12 days, they will be euthanized. The time is so short that they even had no chance to meet their possible adopter. I believe there has to be a shelter for these stray dogs to live as long as they can to find their new home. But saving dogs is always easier said than done, I understood before we start this.

Now we have adopted more than 500 dogs in the past 2 years and found new home for 180+ of them. Shelter is a shelter, there are still more than 320 dogs waiting for a new home, although many of these dogs are likely to spend rest of their lives here in our shelter as their age and health condition.

We do not have a big team or beautiful office or even a decent website, most of the fund for the dogs come from our own salary, as more dogs taken in, we need more money from other sources to keep this shelter running. 

Our mission here in Pawft is to help as many stray dogs as we can to find their new home. It's hard to give a specific number for mission given the difficulties and circumstances, but I will continue to do this as long as I can together with my team and supporters like you.

We have 4 member like-minded team with one thing in common which is passion for making this world a better place with less stray dogs. 


Jill Zhang - Co-founder. A young dog lover who adopted 5 stray dogs by himself from our shelter, who has been helping stray dogs as volunteer since 2021, and starting from 2022, he started to live on tiktok to show our shelter and raise money from outside of the world.


Yili Zhou - Co-founder - 3rd founder of the shelter, is a marketing professional who has worked with many top brands. Her job here is to organize volunteers to come to help and handles book keeping and sorts out the financial documents we need to make sure every penny spent at the right place.



Wang Ke Quan, Main Keeper - 55 year old retired engineer who has been hired to clean the shelter and feed dogs, sometimes he would do some his old job, like fixing the light bulb. :-) He is the man who stay at our shelter the most, we love him, just as much as the dogs in our shelter.

“We can not do great things—only small things with great love.”— MOTHER THERESA

Shelter Address:
Shiqiao, Panyu District
Guangzhou, China