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август 09, 2021 2 min read

In August 2022, a 3-ounce Chinese mix breed dog was born with other 5 siblings, the breeder was not only shocked by her small size but by her leg as well. Her front right leg was deformed, shortened and folded in toward her body. By 8 weeks, All her 5 siblings could stand and eat. But this three-legged one still couldn't stand on her own. By 10 weeks, all 5 siblings were adopted except this three-legged one, the breeder then sent her to a stray dog shelter.

Jill is the volunteer for that shelter, and he saw this poor puppy and took care of her. For many, many moments he wasn't sure if the pup would survive. It seemed so hard for her to walk from her bed to the food during feeding time. Jill then realized that this special little pup need extra care, so he decided to bring her back home and take care of her.

We then named this cute little girl, "Trippy" 

The reality is that adopting a tripod pet (or any pet) is a huge responsibility. Bringing a pet into your home is a big decision, and bringing a three-legged pet into your home requires some extra preparation and dedication — but it’s so worth it!  After bringing Trippy home, Jill had to spend lots of time with her, helping her adjust to her disability. "It took Trippy a while to walk without falling on her face!" Jill says. "She would try to run and would hit her chin on the floor or cement. When we are practicing sit/stays, sometimes she can't help but slide into a down."Jill added. "I thought that with her disability, it would show others that being different is OK," Jill says. “That people and dogs can overcome the odds and be happy in their lives."

If you want to know more about Trippy, please follow our instagram and tiktok, we would love to share every progress she make in her life.

Thank you.

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